Brian Tai, also known as “BowTai,” is the owner and operator of BOWTAI Fitness. He is a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, and nutrition coach. Brian has been training professionally since 2013 after obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and Biology from George Mason University and receiving his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification from the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

          Brian has always been actively participating in sports, especially football, basketball, tennis, golf, and weightlifting. He has competed as a natural bodybuilder in the Organization of Competition Bodies federation placing second in the lightweight novice division and fourth in the lightweight open division. In addition to the many years of experience with weight training, he has participated in numerous organized mock powerlifting competitions and hopes to compete in a USA Powerlifting meet in the near future.

          Brian’s passion for staying active and playing sports allows him to train athletes to maximize performance in their sport. After enduring several grueling months of bodybuilding contest preparation first hand, he is able to share his experiences with his clients to help them achieve their goals in both weight and aesthetics through nutrition and workout programs. Brian has experimented with many different strength-training programs written by professionals to increase his overall strength and fitness level. He has even made his own changes to some programs that he liked in order to increase his strength and performance. In doing so, he has competed in some powerlifting mock competitions and is able to use this knowledge to help his clients prepare for competition and/or increase general strength.

          Brian looks forward to meeting new clients and growing the BowTai Fitness family to help everyone achieve all of their goals in health and fitness. He invites everyone to follow him on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with BowTai Fitness with the links below.



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BOWTAI Fitness prides itself in taking on clients of all types and backgrounds and helping them achieve their goals in both fitness and life. Join the BOWTAI Fitness family and reach your highest potential.


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